Contents of Issue 61(2016)-4A

List of papers

01 Ang Wang, Jing Huang: Research and implementation of open source cloud computing platform based on Open Stack
02 Juan Xiong: Research on static image feature extraction based on hierarchical structure and sparse representation
03 Xu Zhang, Bingzhi Chen, Jitao Li: A study on reliability of high-speed passenger transport network based on complex network analysis
04 Binwu Ji, Rui Huang: Network anomaly traffic monitoringbased on improved immune genetic algorithm
05 Kangming Liu: Wireless sensor network target coverage algorithm based on energy saving
06 Lijun Mao: Research on the data processing and rotation modetransfer of cloud computing based on the virtual machine (VM)
07 Bi Rongrong: An efficient face recognition algorithm based on multi-kernel regularization learning
08 Honglai Yan: Research on bridgeless PFC circuit control algorithm of electric vehicle charging pile
09 Canbin Yin, Min Wang: Stability control and consolidation sedimentation analysis on soft soil foundation subjected to surcharge preloading treatment
10 Ping Huang: Fault diagnosis system of wind turbine gearbox based on GRNN and fault tree analysis
11 Yingliu Cui: Robust radar waveform algorithm based on beam steering vector estimation
12 Jiaozhen Zhao: Gauge point positioning method based on computer vision
13 Jun He: Research on hand movement recognition based on static image decomposition
14 Yun Miao: A study on control system of electronic treadmill based on neural network theory
15 Baoying Li, Jianguang Qi: Key technology simulation of equipment anomaly detection based on image processing
16 Jisong Bai, Longjie Pang, Qiang Zhang: Underwater robots detection based on image segmentation
17 Honglian Wang, Hu Chen, Wei He: Home control system design based on internet of things
18 Jianrong Bu, Junyan Xu: Research on time optimal trajectory planning of 7-DOF manipulator based on genetic algorithm
19 Ren Duan, Dinyi Fang, Kaiguo Qian: A local location-based self-adjusting deployment algorithm for MSN
20 Hang Yang, Xiaoqing Li, Bing Wu: A hybrid model for scale forecast of regional highway network
21 Jingyan Wu, Qingdong Yan, Cheng Liu, Wei Wei: Cascade design and optimization for hydraulic torque-retarder assembly
22 Zeyu Yu, Huayun Yu, Yuncai Zhou: Research on virtual technology of data caching and data real-time allocation in cloud computing
23 Wenbing Jin, Suo Zhang, Yinni Jin: Research on the winding control system in winding vacuum coater
24 Zhong, Miao Guan, Xinpei Liu: Hybrid discrete-time modelling and explicit model predictive control for brushed DC motor speed control
25 Juan Zou: Batch delivery scheduling with simple linear deterioration on a single machine

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