Contents of Issue 62(2017)-2A

List of papers

01 Liu Jing: Reverse logistics network for waste in ecotourism area based on quad tree classification
02 Gao Xiaoxu, Shao Guangtong: Application of network model in coal mine safety management strategy
03 Chuanwei Qi: Research on intelligent home energy scheduling algorithm
04 Geng Liwei, Dong Tingting: Study on video vehicle detection based on improved mean-shift algorithm
05 Changtian Ying, Weiqing Wang, Jiong Yu, Hong Jiang, Lei Qi: The analysis and optimization strategy of network failure recovery
06 Liu Xiaoming: Research on rumors of law and countermeasures based on big data analysis
07 Qiang Yu: Design of logistics tracking and monitoring system based on internet of things
08 Dechun Yuan: Mechanism of TDLAS spectral line distortion and application of calibration technique in time division detection system of optical fiber sensor
09 Jiang Hong, Shi Yongfang, Ran Xiangfeng: A new rotor balancing method based on PTFA theory
10 Lihui Shi: Finite element model of high strength concrete joint of weakening type steel
11 Li Yuan, Qiu Xiaoping, Tan Gang, Zu Xueying: Application of RFID technology in the construction and design of quasi automatic warehouse management system for electric power company
12 Chi Zhang: Study on prediction and evaluation of Chaohu Lake water quality with MPSO-FSMV
13 Zhaochun Ran: Application of improved Bayesian model based on cosine similarity weighted in prediction of disease classification
14 Qian Feng, Lei Wang, Liye Su, Wenxue Huang, Bing Hu: Servo control algorithm of handling manipulator based on disturbing observer
15 Tiebo Sun, Jianming Kan, Jinhao Liu, Qingqing Huang, Kai Ma, Tingting Sun: 3D reconstruction of tree and limb based on aerial image of UAV
16 Ding Ding: Network security audit system based on improved neural network
17 Wenrong Bai: Virtual technology of cache and data real time allocation in cloud computing data center
18 Qin Wang, Shaofei Feng, Xiangtian Tong: Damage and failure of concrete based on material mechanics
19 Zhili Wang, Suxiang Weng: Pioneer robot motion control based on ZigBee wireless electronic communication technology
20 Jieyu Chen: Optimal path planning of robot based on ant colony algorithm
21 Tian Jiale: Optimal allocation of structural sensor in civil engineering based on simulated annealing genetic algorithm
22 Nan Yao, Xi Wu: Transformer fault detection based on infrared power image
23 Qingshan Li: Mobile Internet anomaly traffic detection technology research based on improved wavelet neural network
24 Donglin Jiang: Dynamic simulation of crawler excavator walking mechanism
25 Xiaofang Hou: Electric control system of numerical control machine tool based on PLC
26 Xi Chen, Yuan Yuan, Yani Liu, Ruiqiang Cao: High compression ratio static image coding technologies
27 Feng Xie: Interaction between weak surrounding rock and supporting structure of shallow buried tunnel based on numerical simulation
28 Yunfei Li, Zhaoyang Lu, Jing Li: Matching technique of image extraction and machine learning based on face recognition
29 Yang Yan-ping, Luo Fu-zhou: A study of sustainable design for abandoned coal mines’ ecological remediation
30 Chi Zhang: Prediction of water quality class based on an ELM optimized by a MFOA
31 Bo Cui, Xianchuang Fan, Yuejiao Niu: Mechanical remote control technology based on artificial intelligence
32 Honglai Yan: Multi-circuit system observational data fusion method
33 Donglin Wang, Songlin Yi, Qin Yang: Design of wood drying control system based on PLC
34 Fang Cuilan, Yi Deyong: Construction project cost forecasting method based on artificial neural network model
35 Jiawei Sun, Hainan Liu: Risk assessment of existing concrete frame structure in geological hazards area with high incidence
36 Dai Chuankun, Zhang Nan: Virtual storage technology and its application in digital library
37 Wei Wan: Key technologies of distributed file system for big data analysis
38 Meiling Xie, Yuanli Wang, Qian Zhao, Yan Zhang: Construction and application of multi-dimensional management framework system of libraries in colleges and universities
39 Yang Gang: Trajectory operation and coordinated control of MATLAB manipulator in automobile manufacturing industry
40 Lei Liu: Network computing principle and application analysis based on distributed peer-to-peer
41 Li Ang, Zheng Baoyu, Li Lei: Research of an improved variable step size and forgetting echo cancellation algorithm
42 Chengwu Zheng: Application of workshop production control based on double tray management
43 Zun Wang: A priority based dynamic bandwidth scheduling in SDN networks
44 Li Yingying, Wang Sunan, Wang Yongxue: Q-ary LDPC codes based on RA structure for optimization of optical fibre communication system
45 Liu Hang: Quantitative study of correlation strength of mechanical parts based on weighted complex network model
46 Kai Ma, Qingqing Huang, Tiebo Sun, Tingting Sui, Jinhao Liu: The key technology of fast stitching of remote sensing images of small unmanned aerial vehicles
47 Zhaojun Wang, Jiao Zhen, Hongxia Guo, Zhelong Wang, Fucun Li, Lijun Liu: Harmonic measurement of power system based on artificial neural unit network
48 Ze-rui Song, Heng Zhang: Design and research of wireless vibration signal detecting system for SCM and Bluetooth transmission
49 Chang Weigong: Scheduling algorithm for real-time tasks of embedded systems based on dynamic voltage regulation
50 Lei Huang: Low energy building design with integrated GUD system

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