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List of papers

Sun Mao-jin, Lv Jing, Gao Tian-hang, Sun Xiao-shan: Early warning of pirate attacks based on decision tree
Zhang Jinzheng, Wang Qi, Jin Qichun, Zhang Peng: Simulation analysis of interaction mechanism between triangular track and ground based on Bekker theory
Furong Li: Performance improvement of streaming media QoS based on behavior feature and content analysis
Dehua Feng, Yaoguang Qi: Synchronization design of shape and structure of petroleum machinery and equipment
Zhang Yunfeng, Fang Haoshuai: Research on high-dimensional clustering algorithm based on information entropy change trend
Wenzhe Lu: Exploration and implementation of user behavior forensics analysis system of computer network based on system log
Yu Lin, Ding Mi: Security of robot wireless network remote control system
Chong Xing, Kunhao Wang: Text mining technology based on cloud computing
Ang Li: Design and implementation of improved distributed data mining algorithm
Wang Liliang: Modular design of electronic control for automatic production line of brasque burdening packing
Zhengrong Jiang, Jingjiang Qu, Jiahui Li: The analysis and application of B-H curves shearing in adjustable inductors
Honghui Fan, Hongjin Zhu, Jiawei Li, Dongming Yuan: Vehicle continuity tracking in traffic monitoring video based on mean hash
Guan Xinbang: Design and implementation of meteorological prediction and early warning information system for slope geologic hazard based on the WebGIS of RIA
Jia Liu, Yinghong Liu, Ruyong Feng, Kailei Yang: Production prediction model of coalbed methane wells at stable production stage
Yao Liying: Design and implementation of automatic assembly software system based on machine vision
He Fei, Xie Yufeng, Liu Aiping, Hang Xiaoshuai, Li Weixing, Gao Jixi: Water quality model for the influence of riparian materials on the purification ability of riverine organic pollutants
Bian Jiang, Cao Hong-Ying: Design and research of pulsed vacuum sterilizer based on digital PID
Jing Qiu, Yuhan Chai: A text information extraction algorithm based on label path clustering
Jintao Cui, Yue Zhang: Study on seismic shear strength of concrete hollow block masonry
Fang Ting, Huang Xiaoming: Inertial/celestial integrated navigation algorithm for long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle
Yinan Jiang, Huiyong An, Caiya Qi, Weiwei Si: Mechanism analysis of mechanochemical action in preparation of polymer composites
Yiqin Liu, Shan Qing, Yingchun Liu, Aimin Zhang, Zhao Gui: Numerical simulation and experimental study of smelting reduction furnace based on oxygen-rich top-blowing
Peng Duo, Li Suoping, Zhang Qiuyu: An improved stable election protocol based on node energy consumption (EC)
Xushan Peng, Yongping Li, Xiaoming Zhang, Shui Wang: Indoor location algorithm based on RBF neural network
Weiqing Qu, Yuedou Qi, Qi Zhang, Chunliang Zhou: Multi-terminal data integration analysis of internet of things based on middleware
Yunjie Qu: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent wayfinding system based on inertial navigation technology
Xushan Peng, Yongping Li, Xiaoming Zhang, Shui Wang: BP neural network based on wolf pack algorithm optimization
Yiping Tian, Peng Chen, Junhao Yang: Spatial data integration of 3D GIS and visualization technology
Hangxin Wei, Wei Wu, Wenkui Xi: Design of detection robot of fault oil well
Liu Na: Design and implementation of computer simulation laboratory construction system
Wang Chuan, Xu Zhi, Zhang Daoshun: Application of adaptive ant colony algorithm in optimization of machine process manufacturing route
Yue Peng, Zhao Limin: Hierarchical protection mechanism of network information based on computer security model algorithm terminal
Chen Chaochao: Logistics service transformation and its system construction in colleges and universities based on the "Internet plus"
Hao Zhanguo, Su Xiaoming: Establishment of building energy conservation and green building model system and database based on the discussion of key technologies
Liu Zhenhua: Design and application of inventory management system for manufacturing enterprises
Bingqiang Yan, Weiqing Huang: Analysis of control design of quadruped robot motion based on motion stability theory
Song Yang, Li Xu: Additive manufacturing technology of laser metal deposition with high deposition rate based on Incone1718
Yuan Xiong: Applied research on site selection for urban logistics distribution center based on fruit fly optimization algorithm
Tian Yong, Wang Zhongfengyan, Wan Lili, Zhang Quan: Research on aircraft trajectory optimization based on reducing greenhouse effect
Lu Xue-hui, Li Ai-nong, Bian Jin-hu, Jin Hua-an: Assessment of terrain slope effects on GLAS waveform and canopy height retrieval using 3-D vegetation model
Pang Bin, Liu Tai-lian: Automatic color grading model of foie gras based on machine vision
Liu Yang, Qin Sicheng: The optimization design of Off-Highway machinery radiator based on genetic algorithm and $\upvarepsilon$-NTU
Lin Chen, Shilai Wang, Huaming Wang, Qiaorui Wu: Model construction and application of machinery fault diagnosis of ships based on technology of resonant demodulation
Rui Wang, Shuchen Yang, Yue Li: Integrated modeling and simulation of wind power generation system based on PVDF piezoelectric thin film
Huan Li: Dynamic obstacle detection and expression method of driverless vehicle based on laser sensor
Zhengrong Jiang, Zhenkun Sun, Yunbo Liu: Characteristics of three-phase controllable reactor under orthogonal field
Hao Lei, Gao Yuehua: Application analysis of Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of prostate cancer
Ma Chao, Zhang Henan, Wu Dongmin: Motion rehabilitation detection system based on artificial fish swarm intelligent algorithm
Yeyingzi Guo: Service optimization model of mechanical manufacturing under cloud manufacturing mode
Yang Chen: Application of hybrid compression and converging technology in wireless sensor network routing protocol in China
Jingshu Cao, Wenxin Li: Analysis of the key technologies of practical application based on embedded reconfigurable computing system
Zeng Jun: The large data particle clustering algorithm based on minimum variance response
LiMin Xu: The application of reactive power compensation technology in electrical automation engineering
Dongsheng Zhou, Yikui Bai, Rongfei Zhao, Yingchun Jiang: Environmental forecast of the solar greenhouse based on the weighted Markov chain
Jinyan Liu, Quanyuan Feng: Anti-collision algorithm and security authentication mechanism of radio frequency identification system
Yanli Wang: Optimization study of hybrid virtual network mapping algorithm (VNE) based on cost optimization and energy efficiency optimization theory
Zhang Jinge: Application of the steel structure model based on modular coordination in optimization design of residential system in China
Jiawei Cai, Zhenfei Zhang: Application of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system in green building
Bo Wang, Tianyu Fan, Jing Tian, Xiangtian Nie: Designing a quality gain-loss function for smaller-the-better characteristic under not neglecting the linear term loss
Feng Chao, Luo Dongdong, Xie Peng: Analysis of ink-jet printing and seal timing experiment by confocal Raman spectroscopy
Jiao Hongtao: Characteristic model based on structural noise of heavy duty vehicle engines
Hengjie Zhang: Construction of model for performance comparison between SNA and TCP/IP in computer network communication
Wenli Yang, Yuchun Zhu, Xianghui Lu: Design and implementation of new glass CNC sand blasting engraving machine and information system
Jiang Xiaomei1 et al.: Determination of the content of hypericin in Huanghua Ningshen granules based on HPLC
Liu Xiaolan, Duan Zhonghang, Lu Guizhen: Dielectric properties of single layer pyrrole coated fabric based on polypyrrole absorbing mechanism
Li Ting: Dynamic analysis method of voltage stability in power system based on power flow betweenness
Xu Yan, Chang Rui, Yue Zhanwei, Lv Lingling, Xu Xiaokun: Feature extraction of pulse wave signal
Chen Chen: Mapping data acquisition and processing of hybrid small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs)
Mingquan Liu, Chunyuan Liu, Xiaozhi Li: Settlement calculation method of rivet pile composite foundation under embankment load
Xuehai Pan: STATCOM current detection method and control technology based on instantaneous reactive power theory
Qiang Li: Application of chemical bio-sensor based on nano-conductive rubber in sports rehabilitation
Qingqing Zeng, Junxia Lang: Design and research of test platform for grounding device technology based on DSP builder
Hongyan Sun: Construction of prison wireless management system based on active RFID wireless sensor
Peng Wang: Simulation analysis of energy storage and power system of rooftop solar system
Yan Hou: Intelligent analysis method of automatic welding quality based on X-ray imaging
Dong Ye: Research progress of optimized operation technology of natural gas pipelines
Junyan Xu, Jianrong Bu: Simulation study of automotive electronics mechanical braking system based on self-tuning fuzzy PID control
Xin Xu: Wearable computer device design for environmental perception system
Huandong Wang, Yingxin Wang, Qiang Shao: Analysis of the protective effect of POLYSWITCH on resistor based on the construction of mathematical model
Zhang Qi, Wang Haoxin, Hu Jing: Application and design of mobile intelligent terminal security protection system based on android platform

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