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List of papers

01 Lu Huang, Rong Huang: On ZigBee location technology in football training
02 Xiao Yang: Physiological indexes collection system for multifunctional gyms based on FFT and photoelectric sensor
03 Yuefeng Liu, Xiaodi Cai, Yu Fu: Portable muscle fatigue analysis system for sports training
04 Xuefeng Yan: Effects of friction property on biomechanics of lower limbs of table tennis players
05 Hui Wang: Design and implementation of competitive basketball wheelchair based on ergonomics
06 Jiafu Feng: Research on tennis judgment system based on hawk-eye technology
07 Nongxuan Mao: Design study of an integrated test system of free combat training aids based on singlechip
08 Wei Li: RFID positioning equipment of track-and-field athletes based on VIRE algorithm
09 Zhenzhen Bie, Minchao Shou: Flexible force sensor for data extraction and dynamic identification of calisthenics’ footprint
10 Jianyun Han: Application of EMG fatigue detection algorithm in portable DSP system
11 Yunan Jin: Control system of fitness equipment for physiological index monitoring with Bluetooth
12 Huichao Li: System research on pressure source’s prediction and analysis for athletes with improved hierarchical K-Means algorithm
13 Qing Ning: Data acquisition system for football based on ZigBee
14 Lingling Deng: Measurement of surface electromyography characteristics of Wushu athletes in the technical movement based on telemetry EMG
15 Jiansi Song: Simulation and mathematical modeling for racket position and attitude of table tennis
16 Xue Wang: Design and application of climbing arm assist system
17 Zhengxian Huang: Research and design on boxing-teaching robot of embedded system and pressure sensor
18 Yanwei Yang: Research on monitoring system of physiological index of intelligent treadmill based on sensor
19 Nan Yu: Discussions on multi-sensor Hidden Markov Model for human motion identification
20 Yu Zhang, Fanyou Meng, Qun Sun, Huan Meng: Research on the trajectory tracking technique of table tennis servo machine
21 Yang Yang: Biomechanical analysis on force plate of aerobics shoes
22 Guowei Yuan: Research and application of volleyball target tracking algorithm based on surf corner detection
23 Zhengmao Li: Design and research of smart boxing trainer based in physical education practice on the sensor
24 Lijing Cao: Research on energy-saving management and control of stadiums \& gymnasiums based on Android SHD
25 Cheng Yang, Li Guo: Study on binocular stereoscopic vision of Hawk-eye for tennis based on three-dimensional positioning
26 Haidong Yang, Liyan Zhang: ABS anti-fatigue training detection system in classification and recognition algorithm of inertia signal detection movement training based on naive Bayesian
27 Xiangde Mo: A study on the influence of the change of football artificial turf’s particle filling density on sports biomechanics characteristics
28 Bing Li: Athlete´s gait tactics analysis system based on tactile sensor
29 Guoqing Wang: Design and experimental analysis of gesture analysis system of basketball players for human kinematics
30 Kuan Wang: The application of characteristic symbol detection and the scene recognition in football match video
31 Xuelin Luo: Application and induction properties of novel piezoelectric thin film material in the Wushu electronic gear
32 Zhao Chen: Design and research on the information collection system of digitized discus throwing
33 Min Zhou, Tian Zhou: Design and research of basketball fixed-point shooting automatic test system based on background difference method
34 Delei Wang: Hardness measurement and impact test for table tennis ball
35 Min Zhou, Xiaodong Yi: Research on the design of wireless control system for basketball stands elevator
36 Xiaohua Wu, Jian Yi: Modeling and kinematics simulation of freestyle skiing robot
37 Liyan Zhang: Analysis on modeling and numerical simulation for badminton racket of braiding composite material based on ANSYS
38 Li Zhu: Research on athletes´ mental state monitoring of spot athletics based on facial expression analysis

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