Contents of Issue 62(2017)-5A

List of papers

Zhang Zhe, Xu Chengjin: Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation modeled risk assessment of colleges and universities' sci-tech innovation
Xu Feng: The sensitivity analysis of construction cost for cleaner production
Tang Shou Guo, Li Yong, Zhang Zhi Kun: The method for selecting genomic prime pairs in tissue culture based on SVM
Hai Tao Wang, Yan Li Chen, Hua Liang, Hongfang Liu: Decision rule based on cooperative spectrum sensing in a non-perfect reporting channel
Jian Xiao: Wireless mesh network multicast routing based on power distribution
Hong Yi Chen, Hui Cun Shen, Kun Chieh Wang, Si Hon Kao, Chi Ching Yang: Synchronization of coupled space-clamped Fitzhugh-Nagumo neurons via an adaptive integral type of terminal sliding mode control
Hong Yi Chen, Hui Cun Shen, Kun Chieh Wang, Chi Ching Yang: An integrative methodology to efficiently design the optimal structure of column-type machine tools
Ting Zhang, Cong Cong Li, Ming Qiu: Repeat-hash collision detection algorithm and map log sheet conflict evading algorithm based on multi-core PC
Jinde Huang, Feng Su, Lei Cen, Xiaoming Huang: Independent component analysis of locally fixed on the blind signal separation algorithm with unknown source number
Zhi Zhao, Feng Su, Xing Li: Research on PSO-BPNN based model for forecasting typhoon rainfall
Huijie Qu, Liu Yang, Dan Zhao, Zhi Zhao: Research on accuracy optimization of improved DV-hop localization algorithm in wireless sensor network
Xiaoguo Chen, Dan Yang, Yue Yang, Minghui Peng: Group decision making models based on trapezoidal vague sets and its application in coal mine
Wenyuan Chen: Analysis of dynamic response in consideration of coupling effect of pile and soil and water of large span cable-stayed bridge
Zhou Bo, Wang Hongyu , Wang Xiaodong, Ji Jinghui: Filtration and hydraulic permeability of soilbag structures: experimental and calculation results
Cui Yuanhui, Zhao Yue, Chen Xiguang, Wang Zhisen, Cao Yinghong: An adaptive solar tracking system with a maximum energy output
Maoling Yan, Chao Zhang, Pingzeng Liu, Qinghua Mi, Rui Zhao, Weijie Chen: A monitoring system for greenhouse's film performance based on internet of things
Dongmin Li, Yanqiang Zhang, Jia Li, Guofang Ma, Mengquan Shang: Load sensing hydraulic system for drilling rig based on amesim
Cheng Jiansheng, Yang Huiming, Cheng Bo: Study on the gas emission law of cylinder-type coal cuttings based on time-varying diffusion coefficient
Cong Gu: The application of machine learning algorithms in multivariate statistical analysis
Wang Jiuling, Shao Yufeng, LongYing, Wei Pengzh, Liang Kezhong, Wang Anrong: Mach--Zehnder interferometer magnetic field sensor based on magntic fluid and cladding-etched fiber
Yang Rong, Chen Wei, Shan Xinying, Zhang Ning, Bi Sheng: Research on feature extraction method of multi-channel EEG based on improved distance criterion
Xu Lijuan, Hu Ruo: Feature recognition of target discovery in modern area in internet of things
Xiaokun Leng, Songhao Piao, Lin Chang, Guo Li, Zhaoyi Pei: Falling forward of humanoid robot based on similarity with parametric optimum
Lin Chang, Songhao Piao, Xiaokun Leng, Guo Li, Zhaoyi Pei: Novel mobile robot UFastSLAM based on unscented Kalman filter
Zhang Maoyun, Tang Chen, Cao Guohua, Chen Fenglong: Directivity analysis and modeling simulation of laser altimeter measurement
Zhigang Chen, Wei Han, Yong Zhan: Application of LESO to dynamic inversion controller for UAV flight attitude
Li Min, Yu Shi: Active early warning technology of information system operating state based on deep learning
Tengzhou Xu, Zhaofeng Chen, Sheng Shen: Preparation and sorption properties characteristics of a mixture getter for vacuum insulation panels
Tengzhou Xu, Zhaofeng Chen: The ageing behavior of vacuum insulation panels with a new getter
Wang Hairong, Li Liang, Chen Xianlei, Li Zesong, Chen Jinghua: Dynamic analysis of the large horizontal tensile testing machine
Wei Zhongbin, Zhao Song, Zhao Huijuan: Analysis the problem of thin plate based on cubic hermite interpolation
Gao Yongwei, Gao Feng, Li Yan: Study on the influence of bearing carrying capacity on dynamic bearing under different viscosity
Hu Lifen, Qi Huibo, Zhang Kezheng, Chen Shude, Cao Guofeng: A counter-flooding decision support system for survivability evaluation onboard warship
Xu Siyun, Liu Xiaoxia: Simulation of health insurance risk assessment model based on big data analysis
Yue Yang, Xiaoguo Chen, Dan Yang: Study on deformation characteristics of the tunnel during construction crossing the existing metro line
Guanjun Li, Chen Zhou, Feng Wen, Zongyao Tang, Anping Hu, Yongliang Jiang: Research on the influence of distribution network reconstruction, distributed power supply location and capacity on distribution network loss
Yijun Yang, Zhihong Xu: Suitability analysis in contactor's panel data with interval & real numbers
Weijie Chen, Pingzeng Liu, Chao Zhang, Maoling Yan, Rui Zhao, Bangguo Li: Development and research of agricultural big data visualization system
Rui Zhao, Pingzeng Liu, Chao Zhang, Maoling Yan, Weijie Chen, Bangguo Li: Data cleaning technology in agricultural monitoring information
Huizhong Wang, Linhan Qia, Jianhai Li, Keke He: Convolutional neural network based fault detection for traction motor
Sun Yang, Xiong Wei, Pei Dong: Information security situation assessment based on conditional evidential network
Wang Guiping, Li Yuan, Wang Huifeng, Sun Weixuan: Research on night fatigue driving detection based on active infrared vision
Su Haitao, Zhou Juan, Hu Jinzhi: Research on the work performance improvement of the disabled in product lines based on the learning curve
Lu Han,Yongzhuang Li: Research of time series structural model in predicting Chinese listed companies financing problem
Jiang Yan, Dong Meihua: A new method of glass fragments detection
Li Fangmin, Lu Wenyi: The influence of relative CO2 emission regulation intensity on trade competitiveness of China
Yang Fudong, Niu Zhanwen: The application of fuzzy clustering to tools classification in lean management
Wang Jin Yun, Hu Ruo: Heterogeneous information integration mode in dynamic Internet of things
Gong Jun, Zhang Qun, Huang Chunfang, Xu Ying: Analysis on the factors that influence the nuclear energy acceptability of the residents with higher culture levels around Ningbo Zone of Sanmen Nuclear Power Station
Gao Xiyin, Su Ke, Song Qiang, Zhao Chunrong: Demand-driven development design for outdoor fitness facilities
Chaoyi Wei, Wenqian Ying, Qunzhang Liang: Parameter identification of dynamic model of semi-trailer train
Han Bing, Wan Min, Hong Tingting, Liu Fangming: Extending strategy of port enterprise value chain based on infra-marginal utility model
Xiaoze Zhu, Xuchen Lin, Ting-Jie Lu, Xia Chen: Motivation factors of technological innovation in China's telecommunications industry
Shi Shangyuan: Bibliometric analysis on E-commerce research in China during 1999-2017 based on projects supported by national social science foundation of China
Zhou Liuru, Zhou Yinmei, Luo Zhongmin: The theoretical analysis and experimental research on multiple incremental forming to raise formability
Zhang Nan, Meng Fanyun, Wang Jinhe: Research on the modeling and control methods of nonlinear hybrid system of polymerase chain reaction
Chen Ying, Gao Yunhua, Li Yanqiong, Zheng Honggang: Research on the calculation method for the natural quality score of agricultural land based on the weighted geometric method
Yong Ming He, Yulong Pei: Horizontal alignment design theory of superhighways
Suyuan Luo: A fast algorithm for freeze-tag problem
Zongtao Wang, Pengwen Sun, Lei Niu, Lanting Zhang: Coupling effects analysis of laminating parameters to static strength and stiffness of wind turbine blade
Yan Li: Data processing method for the division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter based on an artificial neural network
Weiliang Tao, Wenhai Li, Yan Liu: Flexible NFA window management over interval-based event pattern matching
Fuchang Li, Wanlu Xue, Xiaohui Hu, Wei Lu: Study on inventory and transportation integrated optimization of online shopping supply chains based on shared-savings contracts
Jiang Wei, Zhu Zhiming, Liang Chunyang: Analysis of unsafe condition in coal mine accidents caused by rescue
Wang Di, Wang Baosen: Research on mark - to - market design of internet supply chain finance based on logistic model
Xian Zhou, Qing Zhao, Miao Chu: A method of product family design based on the theory of polychromatic sets
Junling Liu: Salient object recognition based on hybrid processing model in Labelme
Wang Xiao Ling, Dong Shao Zeng: Research on the analysis of interaction between small and medium sized enterprises and large enterprises based on evolutionary game theory
Wei Zihang: Design and analysis of 3D printing system in parallel structure
Zhang Hu, Yuan Liping: The application of data mining in the fine management of students
Huiqiang Gao, Youren Wu: Analysis on effective range of plastic vertical drain under vacuum preloading
Hao Chen, Chunsheng Lin, Wendou Jia: Imitation the vessels magnetic field by a certain amount of magnets
Li Jing, Zhu Xiaojun, Pan Xun: A method for estimation of exponential component storage life distribution parameter
Suping Li: Research of PCM coding and decoding system based on Simulink
Sumei Dai, Yunwang Li, Feng Tian: Design and application of middle-supported mecanum wheels for an omni-directional wheelchair
Yong Wang, Yunwang Li, Peng Tian, Sumei Dai: Virtual simulator of visual sensing for coal mine rescue robot
Fei Wang, Huaying Li, Chuanqing Zhang, Zhiqiang Chao: Fuzzy variable admittance control for robot based on estimation of environment stiffness
Jiashu Dai, Nan Yan, Tao Liu, Jun Wang, Tingquan Deng: Visual object tracking based on random compression of multi-channel Haar-like feature
Lei Zhu, Xuefei Liang, Lei Wang, Changhua Yao: Generalized point operators for pythagorean fuzzy information and their application in multi-criteria decision making
Zhang Yunpeng, Xu Xiping: Design of headstaged behavior experiment system based on wireless program control technology
Xing Xin Nie, Xiao Chen Li: Improved base state with amendments model based spatio-temporal 4D information modeling of open pits
Fang Chen, Yang Wenhao, Di Zheng, Shi Jianhong: Robust stabilization of uncertain singular systems via output feedback
Liu Wenming, Wen Chuanmei, Liu Xuedong, Ma Qian: Numerical simulation of plume abatement and water-saving device on the top of wet cooling tower
Chen Xueyong, Shen Jianwei: Behavior of chemotaxis model with density-dependent sensitivity
Li Zheng: Analysis of power generation characteristics of distributed wind generation system considering the hydrogen production load
Bocheng Liu, Lingfeng Liu: Randomness analysis of chaotic sequences by permutation entropy
Zhu Yan: The application of BP neural network in perceptual design of the overall shape of home service robots
Yuan Lina, Guo Chundong: Using input-output methods to assess ripple effect and induced effect of high-tech service industry in national economy
Haifei Qin: Big data quality analysis based on data mining
Yanqing Shen: Improved simulated annealing algorithm based state of charge determination for LiFePO4 batteries in electric vehicles
Bin Liu, Zhonghua Li, HepingLiu, XiaofengLi, Peikang Bai, Zhanyong Zhao: Manufacturing feasibility and forming properties of V-6Cr-6Ti alloy by selective laser melting
Liao Yongyi, He Banggui, Yang Qingrong, Wang Hairui: Modeling and simulation of machine tool dynamics
Bin Liu, Meimei Zhang, Xiaofeng Li, Heping Liu, Peikang Bai: Study on the optimum technological parameters of laser cladding applied to hydraulic prop
Tianlei Wang, Nanlin Tan, Chang Zhou: A novel UPSO-DSMC controller for two-dimensional bridge crane
Song Jiang, Minjie Lian, Caiwu Lu: Safety situation assessment of open pit slope based on improved D-S evidence theory
Wei Cuixia, Gao Lingling, Yu Haifeng, Yan Lijuan: Determination and comparison of the reasonable height of different flat vierendeel structures
Zhenyuan Liu, Renyan Mu, Shuhua Hu, Li Wang, Yunlai Tao, Laishi Yan: Research on optimization of product value engineering in manufacturing enterprises
Jian Xue, Wang Zhongli: Attribute reduction of macro genomic gene signal based on improved rough set reduction algorithm
Chen Zhiguang, Qin Chaokui: Field testing and analysis of stress within buried gas pipelines in subsidence areas in Shanghai
Gui Hua Yu, Shi Jun Zhang: Research on the system modeling and its application of cloud service of educational resources
Xi Yang, Ting Jie Lv, Xia Chen, Yang Zhang: Analyses of the constructing operator data platform
Danyang Shen, William B. Rankin, Meilong Le: Features and mechanisms of multi-airport logistics system
Chen Yang, Xu Xiaoguang, Zou Bu, Cao Yaqin: Research on grid resource distributive method based on market economics model
Zhao Yong Man, Zhou Xue: Study on the evaluation of agricultural machinery equipment based on DEA method