Contents of Issue 62(2017)-6A

List of papers

Qi-Fan Yang, Ke Fang, Yong-Jun Xie, Yuan-Liang Huang: Fault diagnosis model of Multi-LS-SVM classifiers for electric machine based on modified PSO
Wu Zongliang, Han Aihong: Study on parameters of hybrid passive control system for building structures
Zhang Jing, Jia Peipei: Oscillation theorems for even order half-linear neutral differential equation with continuous deviating arguments
Li Junfeng, Wang Peng, Xu Jieqiang, Wang Qinruo, Liu Xiao, He Shuangbai: Research and implementation of a simulation method of electric transmission line inspection using UAV based on virtual reality
Bing Han, Yinglan Fang, Yong Yang, Yongmei Zhang: A study on data characteristics of mobile user
Sun Ligong, Sun Xiangwen, Zhang Juwei, Liu Feng: Position control of ultrasonic motor using fuzzy PID controller
Zhan Huawei, Zhan Haichao, Di Fan, Li Xiaoqing, Liu Weina, Li Xueping: A new localization algorithm in wireless sensor networks based on range-free
Dandan Li, Wanxin Xue, Yilei Pei, Jing Mu: A zero-knowledge set based communication scheme for sharing economic
Yinglan Fang, Run Wang, Bing Han, Yongmei Zhang: The research and application of service registration and discovery in service-oriented
Yao Jialing, Li Zhihong, Wang Meng, Sun Yuanfang: Research of the vehicle rollover warning based on HMM and BP neural network
Wang Lei-lei, Wang Hui-qin, Chai Qian, Wang Ke, Wang Wei-chao: Prediction of thermal sensation level in cold areas residential buildings using BP neural network coupling with improved particle swarm optimization algorithm
Luo Jianguo, Liu Hang, Xu Jingde: Overhead catenary system-pantograph coupled system dynamics modelling and analysis
Bing Zhang, Jianbiao Ning, Xiaoyong Zhou: Cluster analysis of freeway traffic accidents based on external environmental factors
Gao Huiyan, Sheng Lili, Tang Xiaoyu: Variations regularity of soil moisture in Hebei Piedmont plain based on SWAP model
She Minghong: Subspace identification for a twin rotor MIMO system based on LPV system
Zhou Yanqing, Xue Heru, Jiang Xinhua, Gao Xiaojing, Zhang Lina, Du Yajuan, Wang Siyu: Sheep image segmentation and contour extraction of multi-scale watershed and fuzzy C-means based on graph cuts
Xie Yongping, Jia Lei, Yu Chunyi, Li Yuan, Bai Wenting: Experimental research on seismic performance of CFRP-strength concrete frame structure
Wang Jie, Liang Yuehua, Dai Wenjie: Study on the variation regularity of the strength index of Xigeda-soil-dam reinforced with bamboo along with the change of saturation
Luo Jianguo, Liu Hang, Xu Jingde: Modeling and analysis regarding overhead catenary system based on a dynamics method
Xiaole Guo, Boyi Xia, Chengwei Qi, Wenyin Li: An new simple method of unsteady cuttings transport calculation during long inclined section drilling
Shen Lin, Wang Shaopeng, Zhao Shangchuan, Li Wanheng: Study on durability testing of concrete under the condition of sulfate
Zhang Xudong: Research on power smoothing control for new micro-grid energy storage system
Guteng Wang, Yong Long, Shoujun Huang: Contract coordination of the grid-connected microgrids considering power generation and market demand uncertainties
Guiqin Zhang, Zheng Wang: Optimization of China EPC power project cost risk management in construction stage based on Bayesian network diagram
Lijun Yu, Shaohua Dong: Optimization of raw material procurement plan in uncertain environment
Shunping Ji, Jie Huang: Engineering design method of networked control system with industrial and wireless sensor network
Gao Chunmei, Wu Weijie, Jiang Ning, Zhang Huzhu, Wang Jing: Analysis of viscoelastic properties of basalt fiber reinforced asphalt concrete
Litao Guo: Sufficient conditions for graphs to be super-lambda
Shen Lin, Li Wanheng, Zhao Shangchuan, Wang Shaopeng: A method for durability evaluation of concrete for freeze-thaw by graphical-benchmark
Zhao Zhenyu, Guo Weishang, Song Xueying: Research on efficient wireless power transmission system for EV
Pang Xiyu, Wang Cheng, Huang Guolin, Xi Zhonghua, Si Guannan: A P2P unequal playback length segmentation and scheduling algorithm based on scalable video coding
Zhang Jing, Zhao Peng: Development of a solar wireless farmland environment monitor
Jun Wang, Song Gao, Haiyang Zhang, Zhuangzhuang Du: A novel interest message update method based on similarity judgment
Xiuhui Diao, Pengfei Wang, Weidong Li: Research on fuzzy neural network assisted train positioning based on GSM-R
Yilong Shi, Xiujie Jiang, Ping Zhu: Study for routing algorithm and coverage rate of nano-satellite constellation
Wang Yinsha, Li Wenyi, Li Zhiwen: Study of multi-area frequency regulation strategy on AGC interconnected system with DFIG wind turbine
Huifang Zhang, Yinmei Wang, Wenping Cao, Hanhu Liu: A combined process of anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) and anaerobic/aerobic (A/O) for treatment of dyeing wastewater
Zhou Yuan-yuan: Research on optimization method of same frequency ping pong handoff based on cell individual offset in TD-LTE system
Jia Lei, Xie Yong-ping, Li Yuan, Bai Wen-ting: Seismic Performance of large-scale reinforced concrete columns with different shear-span ratios
Jianbing Liu, Yuxin Liu: The income distribution of construction waste recycling PPP project
Zhaojun Tang: Consensus for discrete-time multi-agent systems with measurement noises based on event-triggered control algorithm
Wang Ming-xu, Xu Meng-guo: Analysis of interaction mechanism between early strength cemented filling body and ore rock
Zhang Zhongxian: An optimized aggregation for privacy-preserving data based on homomorphic MAC and stochastic data segmentation in WSN
Chen Wu, Lijuan Wang: An application of knowledge dependency to robot rod catching control 405
Fan Qi, Xu Zhengtong: Comparing 8 different learning algorithms to predict the survival of colorectal cancer for 5 years
Sun Jide, Fu Jiawen, Zheng Mian: Cost overrun causes related to the design phase in the chinese construction industry
Yi Tao, Zhao Yingqi, Mu Song, Li Qiushuang: Study on income distribution of stakeholders in renewable energy power projects under PPP Mode
Wang Zhengyu, Hao Yucheng, Huo Yueying, Yan Zhenying, Ren Jianwei: Research of development goals on highway transportation safety in inner Mongolia for building a moderately prosperous society
Zhenying Yan, Ziyu Liu, Zhengyu Wang: Analysis on the bad driving behavior of urban bus drivers: an example of Hohhot in China
Hu Yongzheng: Research on exchange rate fluctuation and cross - border RMB business development from the perspective of arbitrage
Xi Fu, YuanPing Chen: Strain-induced gap modication of two two-dimensional carbon phosphide compoud semiconductor materials
Wang Yuexiang, Zhao Wen: The mechanical properties of dredged sludge matrices solidified by waste fiber compound binder
Xiaopei Cai, Xiaocheng Hao, Guoan Jia, Yupeng Shen and Yanke Liang: Discrete element modeling of subgrade frost heave in high-speed railway
Zhu Ziwei, Liu Zhuorui: The optimal configuration of the multistage model with embedded chance constraints of mini-type hydroelectric-photovoltaic power distribution networks on the basis of the improved genetic algorithm
Ming Chen, Yeting Liang: Research on double closed loop control of large synchronous motor based on static inverter
Yanrui Zhang, Wenfu Cao, Nali Chang: Prediction of oil consumption based on AIW-PSO wavelet neutral network
Yanan Wang, Jihong Zhang, Chang Liu: Study on the methods screening profile controlling and flooding injection wells for heterogeneous mid-low permeability reservoir