Contents of Issue 62(2017)-6B

List of papers

Mingtao Fan, Gonghui Liu, Jun Li: Finite element analysis of influence factors casing based on computer simulation
Liqing Zhou, Suodi Zhang, Linna Hu: How RTOs innovate innovation---Review on the 23rd WAITRO biennial congress and general assembly
Yu Du, Jianguo Wang: Encouraging the low-carbon tourism: how perceived value and reference groups affect people's choice?
Ying Yuan: Geography distribution and adaptability of germplasm resources for rhododendron
Qing Wang: Design for landscape under the concept of folk art communication and green low carbon
Teng Liu: Key technologies of digital radio and TV video production in the new media environment
Jing Chen, Kun Cheng: A comparison analysis on E-commerce taxation in china and american
Jiao Liu: Analysis of the factors affecting the financing of small and micro enterprises based on credit scoring model
Shiping Ye, Chaoxiang Chen, Ping Xu: A novel practical teaching system for application-oriented software engineering talents training
Jing Liang: Analysis of training mode for medical students in general medical education
Tao Zhang: Landscape design of green autumn winter plant in northeast region planning to adapt to climate
Xiaoxu Xu, Hongbo Wang: Application of press control based on infrared self-induction
Yang Mao, Xue Lei: Research on the development model of small and micro tourism enterprises in e-commerce Environment
Guofang Li, Ning Lu: Local parallel mutation irregular code generation of data flow driven
Meirong Wang, Yin Yu: Research on shearing performance of composite sandwich panel in wet and hot environment
Yuan Hu: Mutual influence between eastern literature and western literature in vitoria period
Yuan Cheng, Xiutao Ge, Haipin Zhou, Xin Jin: Research on the preparation and adsorption properties of melamine molecularly imprinted polymers
Yuan Li: Urban landscape design with low carbon energy saving and environmental protection for micro climate improvement
Yuan Li: Resource integrated urban design method in regulatory detailed planning
Yuan Li: Analysis of urban informal from multi angle of non provincial capital cities in mainland China
Weiqi Luo: Diversified Cultivation Mode of Differential Teaching in Higher Vocational Law Education
Lin Wang: Analyzing the method for measurement and equalization of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicle
Yunfeng Li, Zhihua Zhang, Yumeng Shuai: Influence of College Students Social Development on Education of Entering College
Qian Wu: The whole process control of project cost based on bim in project implementation phase
Li Mo: Construction of the training standard system and integration of teacher education resources for chinese language education
Yuelong Ji, Haiyan Zhu: Effects of Physical Exercise on Mental Health of College Students
Haiyan Zhu: The Change Trend and Guidance Education of Sports Aesthetics under the Trend of Sports Art
Chuantao Wang, Yucheng Xia, Dongmin Ma: Classification and identification of pore structure and adsorption characteristics of liquid nitrogen in coal reservoir
Fushuang Yang: Analysis of metal solidification structure evolution based on nonlinear dynamics and statistics
Yanling Xu: Cognitive and visual features of regional culture in landscape design of scenic spots
Dejun Wang: Tour guide english speech recognition with dialect features and cultural background
Yuxuan Chen, Yiyang Chen, Jinlong Zhang: SVPWM control system of IDW synchronous motor based on suboptimal solution set
Tao Wang, Fansheng Chen, Xiaofeng Su: Research of infrared background suppression method based on anisotropic bilateral filtering
Yingyuan Liu: Economic evaluation method based on multi objective fuzzy and system dynamics
Kun Chang, Fengbo Wu, Zhengjin Wang: Optimization design of vehicle mounted stereo player chip based on dual gate voltage assignment algorithm
Hang Xu, Jiule Tian: Design of intelligent recognition and picking fruit system for 3D virtual robot
Zhuan You: Study on the system of real-time and fault tolerance of steering by wire electric car flexray
Hui Li, Hailong Lan: Product form perceptual image and image representation with emotion design
Shaoxin Lv: MAC protocol based on centralized time division multiple access in medium and small local area networks
Yindi Dong: Multi-classification analysis of large data based on knowledge element in micro-blog short text
Xiaoyu Wang: Research of the impact of work stress wave characteristics of hydraulic jumbolter based on LS-DYNA
Jingwen Ye, Xiaohong Sun, Huiping Sun: Virtual connection routing based on node mobility in vanet
Xingzhu Wang: Low energy consumption intrusion detection algorithm based on differential evolution strategy
Xingzhu Wang: Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm based on Optimal Guidance B+ Tree
Yexia Zheng: Analysis effects of multiple factors on pig fattening based on neural network data mining
Xin Xiong, Kefeng Li: Face detection based on feature similarity clustering and random forest regression ensemble learning algorithm
Yu Deng, Xiaohui Zhou: Correlation analysis and modeling of economic development based on principal component analysis
Hongliang Gao: Simulation control of position servo system in networked environment
Wenguo Liao, Guangping Liao: Text information semantic retrieval based on knowledge meta model and resource ontology
Peng Dai: Superiority selection method based on nonparametric Bayesian algorithm
Weibo Zhou, Yong Zhong: Mass data fast retrieval in distributed cluster based on svm optimized neural network/a>
Ming Huang, Shuyu Hu: The Case-driven 4S Teaching Model
Shengye Tang, Weicheng Xie, Linyu Shi: Evaluation of the insulation life of dense busbar trunking system based on SVM optimized neural network
Xiangtian Zheng, Xiaoxuan Wang, Feng Yang, Ce Li: Three dimensional image reconstruction algorithm based on ray casting and cloud computing
Wei Wang, Zhilai Zhang, Zhihui Wang: Adaptive neural network tracking and controlling network attack node in WSN
Xiaojie Deng: Analysis of bridge construction monitoring based on bim spatio temporal similarity attributes perception
Siyun Xu, Xiaoyuan Zhang: Causal reasoning method of influence factors based on degree correlation variable impact analysis
Jiangwei Xu, Tiejun Li, Liang Zhang, Jinyue Liu: Particle swarm optimization for rbf audio-visual merging feature classification for electromechanical system condition monitoring
Jinliang Chen: Green public building water supply and drainage and fire protection design
Junjun Liu, Jun Zhang: Spatial recursive likelihood identification of multivariable bilinear unmanned aerial vehicle for air quality testing
Yun Shi, Zhong Chen, Wei Li: A service recommendation algorithm based on similarity evaluation and collaborative filtering
Chang Cui, Qiang Zhao: FIR digital filter design based on improved hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm
Yang Liu, Qin Sicheng, Liu Liu: Study on Dual-loop Cooling System for Non-road Mobile Machinery
Fuguang Yao, Shiying Yao, Weiyu Sun: Fire alert algorithm based on kernel principal component analysis for invariant feature
Song Wang, Fangchen Dong, Liangliang Bu, Xin Zhang: Application of line inspection algorithm for UAV remote sensing system in electricity maintenance
Song Wang, Jieqing Zhao, Liangliang Bu, Xin Zhang: Target - aware event - driven remote sensing technology for unmanned aerial vehicle patrol
Qin He: A new algorithm of multivariate regression analysis based on principle of least square method
Hongbin Xu, Pengwen Xiong: Multi - core SVM fault diagnosis of electrical system based on dimensional determining directional factor graph
Xiaoxiao Zhang, Jun Li, Wenbo Zhang: Energy balance LEACH networking protocol based on mobile node adaptive cluster head strategy
Kang Deng, Siqi Yuan, Shiyu Ding: A damage prediction method for building structures based on convolutional neural network
Xinxin Xu: Application of 3D roaming technology in micro - course design
Hui Wang, Wuqiang Zhang: Process reasoning method based on HDP-HMM and its computer simulation analysis
Lin Jiang, Po Li: A Practical Stability Control Method for Single-phase Inverter Circuit
Hui Wang, Wuqiang Zhang: Quantitative analysis of the impact of foreign bank greenfield investment on stability of China's banking system
Yuting Lu: A 3 - D geographic location routing protocol based on forward region adaptive
Tiantao Feng, Guiju Fan, Xiaohui Zhang: A numerical simulation method for machine finite element analysis
Ying Pan: Large data adaptive hash algorithm based on local sensitive learning
Yanhong Zhong, Liuyuan Xu, Yongjia Lin: Customer relationship management based on demand forecast in cloud data environment
Yingying Feng: Non - overlapping horizon multi - target recognition based on multi - source information fusion
Jingmei Wu, Jixia Wu, Lili Cheng: Structural characterization and properties of sustained - release microcapsules containing polylactic acid starch compound sustained release drugs
Li Zheng: Heterogeneous resource scheduling algorithm based on bim project schedule modeling
Hongqing Liu, Yan Liu, Diqing Shu, Zhixian Zou: Remote data cloud storage algorithm based on bifurcation variational filtering
Fu Hongwei: Network traffic prediction based on wavelet decomposition and sparse matrix vector multiplication
Yuhui Peng, Yan Zhao: An Effective Approach on Recovering Sharp Features of Triangular Meshes
Yuliang Jiao, Lian-e Li, Yi Xiao: Comparison method of multi-source data fusion based on fuzzy evidence theory
Qi Zhu, Qingchun Chen, Yutao Liu: Computer simulation and numerical analysis of decomposing process of compost
Hui Yu: Option pricing method based on partial differential brownian berg solution model
Tiantao Feng, Guiju Fan, Xiaohui Zhang: Process parameter setting and optimization based on computer simulation
Xu Zhao, Hua Yi: Dam risk analysis system based on ZigBee+GIS at big data era
Yu Yu, Rui Tang, Yunfeng Li, Zhihua Zhang, Jie Li: Construction of evaluation system for college students' career guidance service based on multi attribute group decision making
Ting Yu, Maoyi Tian: Construction of domain knowledge ontology map based on concept learning of neural networks
Layin Wang: Design of BIM-L platform considering effective configuration
Qin He: Performance evaluation of multi rule constraint game
Minghui Yang: Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: Impact of regional variance between western and eastern China
Long Yu, Mei Ma, Lizhou Tang: Construction of ecological security evaluation index system supported by PSR model
Jiandong Liu: Research on the coordination mechanism between food supply chain system and external environment based on logistic model
Yuanmiao Gui,Rujing Wang, Xue Wang: Non probabilistic reliability analysis model of structures based on rough set theory
Wenwen Pan: Sustainable assessment method for traditional sports in universities based on functional link fuzzy neural network
Huifang Ji: Intelligent City Planning and Construction based on Large Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Technology
Zhongfu Wang, Yanhong Feng: Evaluation of incentive mechanism based on ant colony algorithm and neural network
Qiong Tian, Xiantong Tan, Lan Tang: Extension and extension state space reduction based on finite automata Petri nets
Yunfei Lu: Method for extracting key features of sports wrong actions in teaching
Mei Li: A method for improving the precision of association prediction based on fuzzy minimax neural network
Xiaoling Sun, Jiping Hao, Qiang Xue, Chunlei Fan, et al.: Fast acquisition of building feature profile based on scanning point cloud
Jing Fu, Guiwei Shao, Ji Hu, Huanqing Cai: Software reliability design and modeling of flight control system for small UAV
Luyu Huang: Validity evaluation of Ideological and political education in Colleges Based on fuzzy TOPSIS
Hua Zhang: Pollution Types and Risk Assessment based on RBF Neural Network
Jiule Tian: Evaluation of cross border e-commerce user evaluation system for mobile terminals
Hang Xu: Position calculation method of robot obstacle avoidance based on ultrasonic sensor
Fankun Meng, Yongfeng Ju, Yongchao Song, Changbao Wen: DTN relay multicast routing based on reliable link analysis of relational model
Fankun Meng, Yongfeng Ju, Jieru Yao: Motion tracking based on minimum sigma slope unscented particle reconstruction filtering
Xi Li, Shuangxi Gao: Image feature classification based on sparse low rank description of concave convex matrix
Xiaoting Wang}: Improved group decision making comparison method based on support vector machine and improved QPSO algorithm
Xi Li, Human body signal detection based on multiple parameters of muscle electrical conductivity and human pulse signal
Han Lv, Peng Wu: Monitoring the change of spatial discrete control Radix based on multi-scale wavelet transform algorithm
Jingya Yue: A Smart City Construction Scheme based on Large Data Analysis Services
Honghua Cao, Xiaoyan Yan, Yan Li: A fuzzy two element rule feature extraction method based on Hierarchical Theory
Baohua Gao, Yan Wu: A precision evaluation index system based on soft fuzzy rough sets
Baoshan Xiang, Xing Han, Bing Zhu, Wupengfei Zhang, Sheng-ai Cui: Unlabeled mode features of bridge structure sparse coding depth learning monitoring
He Wang, Dejing Kong: A design method of drainage and fire protection based on multi-layer fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
He Ma, Chao Zhao, Gan Jin: Power system analysis and control model based on hierarchical model of neural network
Xiaoming Fu, Liqiang Qi, Fulin Wang: Hybrid constrained flexible city resource scheduling scheme based on particle swarm optimization