Contents of Issue 62(2017)-7A

List of papers

Lijun Qu, Zuoyong Ning: Accelerating particle swarm optimization algorithm based on mooc framework for resource scheduling in physical teaching
Shutao Zhou, Chengxing Li, Hui Yu: Research on college english jigsaw teaching method based on mother tongue culture
Hongwei Fu: Spatio temporal analysis of urban congestion based on potential field modification and radial basis function parallel clustering
Lina Zhang, Nan Wang, Hao Wu: A mixed mode empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method based on cosine window mask signal
Xinyi Li: Handwritten recognition based on depth learning and temporal logic
Ying Li: Study on influencing factors and prediction model of urban residential building energy consumption
Le Wang, Yingren Zheng, Guoyuan Peng, Jianping Xin: Ultimate strain analysis of rock and soil foundation of underground tunnel
Le Wang, Yingren Zheng, Jianping Xin, Guoyuan Peng: Application of ultimate strain method in steel structure
Lishao Huang: Correlation label image denoising based on dither factor of particle swarm optimization algorithm
Lishao Huang: Target image detection based on improved bof algorithm and similarity measurement
Shanhui Sun: Design of survey questionnaire and practice of social research based on the mode of cultibating application-oriented talents
Tiancheng Wang: Intrusion detection system based on hypergraph feature reduction and convolutional neural network
Tiancheng Wang: Defect detection and location of bearing images based on predictive matching difference and global local thresholding
Xiuhua Wei, Wei Cao, Gaohan Lin: Prediction method of regional economic trend based on rough set support vector machine
Qianhong Li: Multi stage portfolio optimization based on differential evolution algorithm
Lingling Han: Cognitive model construction of college students mobile learning based on altruistic preference
Hui Liu, Yongxia Wei: The impact on soil erosion of water and soil conservation measures on sloping cropland in the black soil region, China
Ming Zeng, Qiongxiong Zhong, Xu Han, Ran Li: Distribution automation cooperative detection technology in service system of specific occasion
Ruda Jia, Manjun Jin: Analysis of fracture process zone of concrete based on extended finite element method and virtual crack model
Shikun Zhang, Cang Wang: SWOT analysis for development of sports media industry based on multi-element principal component cluster analysis
Cang Wang, Shikun Zhang: A two factor influence analysis method based on ridge estimation least square algorithm
Zhuan You: Regenerative braking feedback energy recovery analysis based on MATLAB/SIMULINK software
Jianfei Shen: Research on nonlinear regression SVM algorithm for large data cluster spark architecture
Zhiwei Cao, Xibing Li: Mining environment assessment based on softmax convolutional neural network of cost
Tongtong Wang: Research on individual coordination scheme and countermeasure based on soft fuzzy rough set
Hailong Du, Zong Du, Chaofan Dai: Algorithm for removing baseline drift of filter signals based on singular value decomposition
Zili Yin: Fault transient location method for distribution network based on generalized sequence model
Huachuan Li, Zhugao Pang, Huijie Yu: Dynamic data modeling and simulation method of machine system based on grid finite element analysis
Jingzhen Cao: A visual image design method based on three dimensional convolutional neural network in digital media environment
Xiaopeng Cui: A network service composition strategy based on trust reasoning and evolution
Qi Wang: Project financing decision model based on triangular fuzzy AHP
Lei Xiao: A hierarchical evaluation algorithm based on PSO-BP neural network
Xiuhua Wei, Jianzhou Yang, Wei Cao: Modeling of decision support system for tourism resources evaluation based on UML
Weili Cheng, Dongyin Xu, Junyan Chen: Prediction of uncertain parameters of fresh product in two stage fuzzy multi objective supply chain
Zhenhua Xie, Shyam Kattel, Li Zhang: An evaluation method of distribution width enhancement mechanism based on density functional theory solution set
Cheng Zhou: Mathematical model calculation and experimental data analysis of correction coefficient K
Han Lv, Peng Wu: Design of vibration intelligent detector based on temperature compensation technology
Yong Li: Design of sports training management system based on workflow
Yang Shen: A study of vague language and its translation strategies in medical English Chinese interpretation from the perspective of Skopos theory
Na Luo: Routing of wireless mesh networks based on acyclic forwarding
Huanhuan Zhang, Qinqin Cui: Research on improving the effectiveness of ideological and political course in higher vocational colleges from the era of self media
Liming Xu: A SVM recommendation model based on similarity evaluation and collaborative filtering of multi angle knowledge units
Qian Li, Ruizhi Sun, Saihua Cai: Timeslot allocation algorithm for collision free data fusion tree
Palidan Muhetaer, Wushouer Silamu, Maimaitiayifu: Uyghur speech synthesis method based on hybrid primitive waveform splicing
Yongdong Pan: Design of computer network user behavior forensics analysis system based on system log
Yinxia Guo: Research on economic risk control mechanism of large enterprises based on evolutionary game model
Lei Shi, Xian Jiang: Real time localization algorithm based on local linear embedding optimization in mobile sensor networks
Yifeng Zhou: Construction of evaluation index system of medical teaching effectiveness based on evidence based nursing teaching method
Xingxing Zhang, Guangxiang Xu, Mingdong Chen, Ming Chen, Jiao Wang: Numerical modeling research on layout dimension optimization of lock manifold system in the lock chamber
Li Zhang: Hybrid intelligent translation mechanism based on multi source fuzzy information
Peng Fan: Influence of opinion leaders on consumer behavior intention in social business platform
Hong Li, Sujian Li, Xiang Li: Fuzzy multi objective location routing problem model and solution algorithm for distribution network of electricity supplier
Bo Li, Min Fu, Jing Liu: Strategic path of constructing advanced manufacturing base of Hanjiang River Basin
Zhimin Li: Risks and countermeasures in the development of internet finance
Yuyang Qin: An analysis on effect of physical education strategy based on factor auto-scaling particle swarm optimization algorithm
Yu Hu, Rui Lv, Zhikun Wei, Jie Zuo, et al.: Evaluation of unconventional hydrocarbon resources potential and mining benefit based on gray evaluation model
Da Chen, Chao Zhang, Chenglong Dong: Study on closed sampling device for wellhead of heavy oil containing hydrogen sulfide
Yu Hou, Xusheng Wu, Yuan Feng: An improved ship power flow algorithm based on ordered GBDL tree sets
Wencan Xu: Three-dimension design analysis of interior decoration based on construction information modeling
Lie Sun: Research on aviation aluminum alloy drilling technology for tube hydro-forming
Xiaobin Yang, Fan Li, Jinjing Zhang, Wenli Yu, Li Li: Collaborative recommendation algorithm of semi-supervised learning in fusion of preference label of theme model
Zixuan Yue, Wenqi Huo: Landscape shaping method of college communication space for campus culture connotation construction
Yuan Yuan: Research on management method of construction schedule based on genetic algorithm fusion BIM model
Qiansha Zhang: Mechanism of technological innovation and product quality management in business mode of strategic emerging industry
Hong Li, Shujian Li: Multi-fuzzy two-echelon location routing problem with pick and delivery model and algorithm in B2C
Rongyi He: Energy collection perception routing algorithm in wireless sensor networks
Shuangxi Gao, Xi Li: Thermal parameter control based on time series adaptive PID control
Ran Guo: Analysis on language fuzziness for business english in electric power industry with different development degree
Yingjie Dai, Danfeng Zhang: Research on oily wastewater treatment of polyamide complex ultrafiltration membrane
Lipu Huang, Wan Feng, ZhuGang Chang, Baiqing Hu, Yangzhou Huang: TSE robustness detection on semi-local damage flexibility of bridge structure health
Honghao Zhu: Biological effects of radiation on subjects with nuclear medicine equipment SPECT exam
Huabing Wang, Chunrong Qiu, Yuzhu Cheng: Random response cloud computing resource association rules mining for privacy data
Meng Guo: Performance evaluation of organizational creativity based on multiobjective evolutionary algorithm
Xiaoshi Jin: Construction of cooperative intelligent manufacturing standard system under the premise of industry 4.0
Cheng Yue: Spatial management for urban underground space based on complex network system
Yuqiang Tu: Risk prediction of offshore oil engineering project based on normal cloud model
Rong Li, Bing Tian, Li Yan, Yansheng Qu: Defense situation assessment of network warfare information security based on dynamic bayesian network
Yi Liu, Jinxu Shi: Multi-objective differential evolution algorithm-based pricing model in power market for demand-side response
Dexu Liu, Binji Li: Performance analysis and simulation of RSI communication model for power line communication
Jinghuan Hu, Gang Zhao: Research on mixed decision contract of supply chain based on retailer handling single cycle perishable product sales surplus
Nian Fu: Distributed image retrieval based on hadoop technology and sparse representation model
Duzhen Zhang, Liuqian Sun, Xiaotong Ye, Haochi Zhang, Yinggang Li: Analysis of ATM transaction status characteristics and anomaly detection
Yongxiong Zhang, Liangming Wang, Dong Li: Anomaly event-driven based cluster topology detection algorithm
Zhijian Luo, Jianping Peng: Performance evaluation of engineering project management by modern management methods
Renshu Yin, Yanping Yang: The potential energy output and GHG emissions reduction in the second life of retired Li-ion batteries with different capacity
Shuti Yu: Empirical Study on Motivation of College English Learning Based on Maximum Entropy Self - efficacy Theory
Hai Li, Yingping Li: Personalized recommendation method for innovation and entrepreneurship resource base of undergraduates based on low-rank and sparse matrix factorization
Yi Zhang, Fang Yang: Character art style for integration of traditional culture element into urban public art design
Dujuan Zhan: Research on rural landscape ethics
Bin Zhang, Dazhi Feng: Collision detection method for sports ball game in virtual reality designed for user experience
Guojun Qin, Xiao Xiao: Dynamic analysis and comprehensive evaluation for rural finance influenced by regional economic difference based on DEA model
Lizheng Liu, Fangai Liu: Joint trajectory tracking prediction based on complex number weight network
Min Guo, Wei Xiong: Performance evaluation model design for hospital staff based on fusion decision of grayscale topsis criterion
Qiang Gu: Geomancy culture embedded in sustainable green design in modern interior design
Wei Sun, Zikai Wang, Juan Wang, Chengyu Yuan: Accuracy test for cam profile based on accuracy theory of globoidal cam mechanism
Yanrui Liu, Di Yao, Jinpei Li: Data envelopment analysis method based on manquist index model and its application
Xianrui Deng, Yubin Liu, Weiying Ding: Reconstruction of internet of things based on compression sensing
Xiangtian Zheng, Haitao Ma, Guiwen Ren, Feng Yang, Ce Li: A network coding algorithm for sense awareness of internet of things
Junting Chen: Influence of classical background music on children's cognitive ability
Weiying Ding, Xianrui Deng, Shukun Wu: An analysis of the cost of warehousing logistics based on the important nodes of complex networks
Da Chen, Chao Hang, Chenglong Dong: Study on closed sampling device for wellhead of heavy oil containing hydrogen sulfide
Luran Yang: Influence analysis of national traditional sports performance in colleges and universities based on triple exponential forecast of sliding window
Jing Xiao, Lihong Zhao, Xin Zhang: Effect of low carbon ratio sewage on simultaneous nitrification denitrification and denitrification
Yanqiu Liang: CNN assessment research of procedural mode for college course education based on big data source
Yanqiu Liang: Higher education evaluation based on bayesian self organizing neural network in big data environment
Haitao Li: Research on marketing strategy based on parallel fuzzy c-means clustering under new economic background
Lin Li, Minglei Lian, Hong Wu: Research on preparation and performance of fly ash-based geopolymer cementing material
Yang Bi, Deng Nianqi: Research on personalized information recommendation service of shopping website based on customer satisfaction
Yanan Peng, Fan Mo, Caiwen Mao, Mingcheng Bing: Interfacial shear strength analysis of fiber reinforced composite and metal bonding based on finite element method
Wei Li, Xiaofang Li: Integration and development path of maker culture and college student culture
Guangbin Xu: Injection optimization of plastic parts based on 3D reconstruction and finite element analysis
Zhongwang Li, Yu Ni: Fault diagnosis of electrical system based on SVM optimization of neural network with directed factor diagram
Haiyan Wang: Application and analysis of crowded crowd evacuation model in multi-function gymnasium under fire conditions
Dun Yu: High temperature damage and seismic performance analysis of inorganic polymer concrete short columns
Zhongfu Wang, Yanhong Feng: Effect analysis on the life cycle process of industrial innovation based on two-stage hadoop parallel k-nearest neighbor algorithm
Xin Wen: Research on industrial factor space optimization configuration mechanism of employment based on two-stage apriori algorithm
Wei Hou: Aeroengine turbine blade modeling based on scattered point model reverse engineering
Wei Hou: Reconstruction of aircraft shape and surface based on raster projection point clouds
Fei Shang, Xiaobo Nie: Improvement method for business management in manufacturing industry based on MOPSO algorithm from industrial perspective
Fei Shang, Xiaobo Nie: Optimization for petric network quality management process of lean production mode oriented at customized products
Huikai Zhao: Improvement of workshop production flow in the assembly line project based on the lean production pattern
Zhaoyang Wu, Yanhong Wu: Research on the application system of supply chain incentive management mechanism under regional economy
Junting Chen: Influence of background music on children's mathematical cognition ability
Songtao Lu, Li Ten, Li Zhou: Description and organization of comprehensive management operation and maintenance information particle swarm based on cobie standard
Xiaohan Gao: Prediction and evaluation on the transnational communication risk from the financial crisis based on the complex network
Xinxin Liu: Research on targeted development of social value orientation and social autonomy based on semi-supervised clustering algorithm in the context of big data
Junwei Yang: Construction of physical education assessment system based on soft fuzzy rough set
Xiangzhi Liu: Risk analysis of electrical sales company based on the improved particle swarm optimization in the setting of new round of electric power system reform in China
Bo Yang: Fatigue cracking estimation model of asphalt pavement based on fractal method
Yue-e Wu: The influence of multi channel collaborative experience on the consumers repurchase intention on the online to offline
Zhaoxi Wu: Statistics on the new-generation agricultural labour force transfer trend in China based on the maximum entropy
Wenjing Li: Analysis of performance of green finance and securities investment fund and its social responsibility investment
Siyue Liang: A fault-tolerant control method for morphing aircraft based on multi-dimensional subspace map identification
Jingjing Li: Analysis on the cultivation strategies of the general teachers core qualities based on cooperative data fusion recommendation
Zaiyi Pu: Cloud computing based packet intrusion detection for hyper fusion network storage
Bo Chen, Zhongdong Wu: Hierarchical clustering routing algorithm based on gray wolf optimization algorithm
Jianjiang Zheng, Shouliang He, Yan Liu: Evaluation of multimedia micro-courses based on augmented reality technology Bayesian network
Wanbing Shi, Xiaoyue Zhang: Study on research performance evaluation system of teachers teaching humanities and social sciences oriented to american colleges and universities
Tingyu Li, Hui Li: Preparation of entangled state of cavity QED phase matched two-photons under spontaneous parameters
Yahui Liu, Hongzhi Cui: Heterogeneity of selection bias and training return---based on psm analysis of treatment effect
Youwei Shao: A network coding algorithm for sense awareness of internet of things
Xinchao Song, Yongsheng Zhao, Lizhi Wang: Making technology for virtual reality-based course design of laboratory micro learning resource