No. 2, 2000

Table of Contents

Pavel Solin, Ivo Dolezel, Martin Skopek, Bohus Ulrych
Stationary temperature field in a non-magnetic thin plate heated by transversal harmonic electromagnetic field, 109–128

Ludek Schreier
Contribution to DC current braking of induction motors, 129–147

Dusan Balara, Jaroslav Timko
The state-differential method for adaptation of parametric models, 149–161

Marian Pasko, Krzysztof Debowski
A method optimizing the working point of three-phase three-wire system with nonlinear load, 163–174

Vaclav Bartos
Switching phenomena in asynchronous machines by different stator and rotor resistance, 175–186

Ryszard Nawrowski
The thermal fields in nonequilibrium plasma generator, 187–197

Ales Tondl
Self-excited vibration quenching in a rotor system by means of parametric excitation, 199–211

Miros Pirner
Long-term monitoring of the response of structures, 213–219