No. 4, 2000

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel, Martin Skopek, Bohus Ulrych
Electric circuit theory based model of the pulsed induction accelerator, 337–352

Karel Zeman
Dynamic properties of induction motor fed from voltage convertor, 353–364

Viktor Pekarek
Participation of matter waves in transporting heat energy by electromagnetic radiation, 365–374

Miroslav Hlavacek
Synovial fluid filtration by articular cartilage with a worn-out surface zone in the human ankle joint during walking. Part II: Numerical results for steady pure sliding, 375–396

Pavel Solin
On a mesh generation technique based on a special smoothing procedure for uniform inner point distribution, 397–417

Czeslaw Sajdak, Roman Przylucki
Temperature field at stationary induction heating of flat charges, 419–428

Vilma Polouckova, Karel Milicka
Constant structure creep in aluminium and two its solid solutions. Part I: Al-13.7Zn and Al-5.5Mg solid solutions, 429–454