No. 1, 2001

Table of Contents

David Vokoun, Vratislav Kafka
A modified model of shape memory phenomena with return point memory, 1–14

Josef Cadek, Kveta Kucharova, Josef Brezina, Vladimir Sustek
Creep behaviour of a 2124 Al-20 SiCp composite at temperatures ranging from 623 to 773 K, with special regard to temperatures above 700 K: An overview, 15–39

You Xiaojie, Pavel Pivonka, Viktor Valouch
Active power filter using predicted current control, 41–50

Jaroslav Kucera, Krysztof Adamaszek
The relation between decarburization and oxidation of the steels heated at high temperatures in ambient air, 51–60

Boglou A.K., Arvanitis K.G.
A multirate control technique for improving the performance of a three phase hydrogenerator, 61–83

Vilma Polouckova, Karel Milicka
Constant structure creep aluminium and two its solid solutions. Part II: Pure aluminium, 85–105

Radoslav Nabergoj, Ales Tondl
Self-excited vibration quenching by means of parametric excitation, 107–118

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