No. 3, 2001

Table of Contents

Jerzy Barglik, Ivo Dolezel, Martin Skopek, Bohus Ulrych
Mathematical and computer modelling of induction hardening, pp.227-250

Jan Siegl, Pavel Kantor, Jan Adamek
Investigation of fatigue processes in bodies with surface coatings, pp.251-264

Frantisek Chvala
On velocity distribution of electron component of partially ionized gaseous medium, pp.265-283

Daniel Mayer, Svatopluk Zacharias
A method of calculation of mutual- and self-inductances for iron-free coils, pp.285-308

Ales Tondl
Systems with periodically variable masses, pp.309-321

Pavel Chraska, Blahoslav Kolman, Jiri Dubsky, Pavel Ctibor, Karel Neufuss
Spatial distribution of chemistry, structural features and phases in thermal spray deposits, pp.323-336