No. 2, 2002

Table of Contents

Ludek Schreier
Zero sequence in stator currents of induction machines, pp.119-138

Viktor Pekarek
Emission of electromagnetic waves through medium of matter waves, correlation between wavelengths and temperatures in radiation series of hydrogen, pp.139-149

Karel Zeman, Jiri Cibulka
Dynamic properties of traction drive with induction motor in transient regime consequent on interruption of energy supply, pp.151-163

Ales Tondl
Three-mass self-excited systems with parametric excitation, pp.165-176

Leslaw Topor-Kaminski, Marian Pasko
Full n-terminal OTA with n-CCII, pp.177-187

Josef Mrazek
Physics of very long air sparks and the lightning discharges, pp.189-204

Nikolaos Athanasiadis
An innovative firing technique for a facts controller, pp.205-215

Lubomir Kocanda
Theoretical analysis of soft impact oscillator periodic motions with small number of impacts in the motion period, pp.217-228