No. 3, 2002

Table of Contents

Jerzy Barglik, Ivo Dolezel, Martin Skopek, Bohus Ulrych
Electromagnetic stirring of molten metal in induction crucible furnace, pp.229-242

Karel Volenik, Milan Prazak, Eva Kalabisova, Katerina Kreislova, Karel Neufuss
Corrosion properties of plasma deposited high-alloy steel, pp.243-254

Frantisek Chvala
Initial-boundary value problem for the linearized Boltzmann equation describing velocity distribution of free electrons, pp.255-266

Ales Tondl, Radoslav Nabergoj
A parametrically excited system with nonlinear coupling, pp.267-277

Bernard Baron, Zygmunt Piatek
Magnetic field and impedance of a circuit with ground return for a two-layer overhead conductor, pp.279-291

Tibor Mazuch, Jan Trnka
Bending waves in an elastic plate generated by ultra short impuls, pp.293-303

Jaroslava Zilkova, Jaroslav Timko
On-line estimation of quantities using artificial neural networks, pp.305-315

Jan Kyncl, Josef Tlusty
A new access to ferroresonance phenomena modeling, pp.317-331

Aleksander Patyk, Ludwig Oginski
Application of the elementary layers' method in simulation transients in a single-phase motor, pp.333-348