No. 1, 2003

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel, Petr Kloucek, Pavel Solin, Bohus Ulrych
Distribution of electrical charge in a system of finite conductors, pp.1-13

Daniel Mayer
Basic theory of new maglev system, pp.15-26

Ales Materna, Frantisek Kroupa
Bending of beams with nonlinear thermally sprayed coatings, pp.27-48

Frantisek Kroupa
Dependence of microcrack densities in thermally sprayed coatings on deformation, pp.49-64

Hedaya Al Asooly, Josef Tlusty, Viktor Valouch
Comparison of different methods for optimal control of UPFC for load flow control and voltage flicker elimination and current harmonics elimination, pp.65-75

Jindrich Rybar, Milan Krasl
Calculation of losses in windings of superconducting transformer, pp.77-88

Pavol Fedor, Daniela Perdukova, Jaroslav Timko
Identifying the asynchronous motor inner values, pp.89-97

Ales Tondl, Lubomir Kocanda
Self-excited two-mass system with soft impacts, pp.99-112