No. 3, 2003

Table of Contents

Karel Volenik, Milan Prazak, Eva Kalabisova, Katerina Kreislova, Jiri Had, Karel Neufuss
Corrosion properties of plasma deposited nickel and nickel-based alloys, pp.215-226

Pavel Solin
On the solution of point-source problems using Fourier transform and FFT routines, pp.227-238

Ales Tondl
Combination resonances and anti-resonances in systems parametrically excited by harmonic variation of linear damping coefficients, pp.239-248

Jiri Klima
A frequency-domain analytical model and comparison of harmonic spectra in the space-vector modulated B6 and B4 inverters, pp.249-272

Ladislav Pust
Improvement of dynamic absorber by means of weak stops, pp.273-299

Zelmira Ferkova, Ladislav Zboray
Model of the switched reluctance motor with sensorless control, pp.301-311

Zofia Pragowska-Gorczynska
Static characteristics of electrodynamic feeder for liquid zinc, pp.313-324