No. 4, 2003

Table of Contents

Vratislav Kafka, David Vokoun
Creep and relaxation modeled on the mesoscale, pp.325-338

You Xiaojie, Li Yongdong, Viktor Valouch
Identification of reactive and harmonic current of nonlinear load with consideration of non-ideal mains voltage and its application, pp.339-351

Jaroslav Kucera, Karel Stransky
The dependence of carbon diffusion coefficients in austenitic ternary alloys on concentration of additive elements, pp.353-364

Jaroslava Zilkova, Jaroslav Timko, Peter Girovsky
An inverse neural model for controlling non-linear dynamic systems, pp.365-377

Lesaw Topór-Kaminski, Marian Pasko
Digitally tuned universal filters with multiple input operational amplifiers, pp.379-394

Jaroslav Feda
Irregular creep in granular materials, pp.395-410

Jaroslav Novak, Vladimir Schejbal
The possibility of mathematical model utilization for real-time analyses of induction machine, pp.411-426

You Xiaojie, Li Yongdong
Three-phase PWM AC/DC converter using digital control with the consideration of unbalanced power network, pp.427-436