No. 1, 2004

Table of Contents

Zdenka Benesova, Daniel Mayer
Algorithm for computation of inductances of various three-phase lines, pp.1-30

Daniela Perdukova, Pavol Fedor, Jaroslav Timko
Modern methods of complex drives control, pp.31-45

Eugeniusz Rosolowski, Jan Izykowski, Ireneusz Lisik
Selection of faulted phases in power transmission line with fuzzy logic application, pp.47-58

Maria Franekova
Communication in safety-related applications, pp.59-68

Bernard Baron, Marian Pasko, Zygmund Pi�tek, Dariusz Spa�ek
Parameters calculation for RC filter for transformer energy drop, pp.69-77

Magdalena Stasiak, Jan Sikora, Stefan F. Filipowicz
Reduction of measurements in 3D Electrical Impedance Tomography using strategically placed electrodes, pp.79-87

Petro Stakhiv, Oksana Hoholyuk
Mathematical modeling of transmission line transients in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment, pp.89-105

Marian Pasko, Krzysztof Sztymelski
The generalized current conveyor GCCII in the active frequency filtering of current signals, pp.107-116