No. 3, 2006

Table of Contents

Vratislav Kafka
Mesomechanical model of the effect of plastic prestrain on creep, pp.213-235

Petr Drexler, Pavel Fiala
Numerical and experimental analysis of power pulsed microwave generator, pp.237-253

Vaclav Bartos, Milos Ryba
Switching process of the double cage asynchronous machine, pp.255-267

Irena Kovacova, Dobroslav Kovac
EMC of DC electrical drives-inductive coupling, pp.269-278

Neela Chattoraj, Jibendu Sekhar Roy
The optimization of gain of patch antennas using genetic algorithm, pp. 279-287

Alice Sperova, Pavel Fiala
Finite element analysis of vibrational micro-generator, pp.289-299

Zdenka Benesova, Vaclav Kotlan
Propagation of surge waves induced by lightning stroke on interconnected transmission lines, pp.301-316