No. 4, 2006

Table of Contents

Jan Hlina, Frantisek Chvala
On application of inverse Radon transform for diagnostics of asymmetric plasmatic radiation sources, pp. 317-325

Frantisek Vondrasek
The primary converter of traction drive with medium-frequency transformer, pp. 327-337

Karel Benes, Ivo Dolezel, Pavel Dvorak, Bohus Ulrych
Static characteristic of actuator working on principle of thermoelasticity, pp. 339-347

Petr Filip, Jiri David, Radek Pivokonsky
Modelling of non-monotonous flow curves using empirical constitutive equations, pp. 349-362

Petr Kokes, Radko Semerad
Regulation of an induction motor under broad changes in DC-link voltage, pp. 363-394

Frantisek Durovsky, Ladislav Zboray
Presetting of rolling stand parameters by genetic algorithms, pp. 395-401

Tomas Chraska
Transmission electron microscopy of plasma sprayed ceramic deposits, pp. 403-413

Jaroslav Dudrik, Peter Dzurko
Arc welder with series-parallel resonant DC-DC converter, pp. 415-426