No. 1, 2007

Table of Contents

Miros Pirner
Aeroelastic models of building structures, pp. 1-14

Jiri Sonsky
Applying fibre optics to plasma jet diagnostics, pp. 15-31

Pavel Zaskalicky, Maria Zaskalicka
Torque ripple calculation of universal motor supplied by triac converter, pp. 33-43

Jiri Klima
Space-vector based PWM strategies with six-fold symmetry for three-phase voltage source inverters, pp. 45-67

Jaroslav Feda
Creep effect of angularity, pp. 69-79

Jaroslav Timko, Jaroslava Zilkova, Peter Girovsky
Shaft sensorless vector control of an induction motor, pp\. 81-91

R. C. Chaudhary, Arpita Jain
Unsteady free convection flow past an oscillating plate with constant mass flux in the presence of radiation, pp\. 93-108