No. 4, 1998

Table of Contents

Vladimir Kreisinger
Analysis of the spatial distribution of magnetic volume forces acting on magnetized bodies in a magnetic field, 325–343

Jaroslav Kucera, Pavel Broz, Maciej Hajduga, Zbigniew Jurasz
The oxidation of Fe-rollers with different diameters in ambient air at 1100C, 345–359

Jerzy Barglik, Bohus Ulrych
Three-dimensional analysis of induction heating of non-magnetic plate with finite dimensions, 361–373

Vratislav Kafka, David Vokoun
Two-Way Shape Memory: Its nature and modeling, 375–391

Josef Cadek, Karel Milicka, Shijie Zhu
Creep behaviour of ODS aluminium reinforced by silicon carbide particulates-an ODS Al 30SiCp composite, 393–411

Jerzy Barglik
Induction heaters for thin strips, 413–421